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We are committed to constantly enhancing services and accessibility. To further this goal, we've built meaningful alliances with software, industry, workflow, and organizational leaders. Our solutions allow for seamless connections with the applications our clients use the most, thus enabling increased efficiency.

Elite™ | A Thomson Reuters Business

Elite is a premier provider of financial and practice management systems. Elite, which is owned by Thomson Reuters, caters to the legal industry and to other professional services markets, including accounting, marketing services, and management and IT consulting. By partnering with Elite, we can deliver a more streamlined and expedited foreign exchange processing experience.


Aderant is a leading provider of integrated business management software for law firms and other services organizations. The company's broad suite of solutions, consisting of financial, resource and practice management software, helps organizations gain operational efficiencies. By partnering with Aderant, we help organizations of all sizes develop a streamlined and expedited foreign exchange processing experience.

Chrome River

Chrome River is an online expense reporting and management service for professional services organizations. Our strategic alliance with Chrome River is a natural fit as both companies serve U.S. law firms. Global Exchange and Chrome River also both understand professional services firms' cost recovery issues from both an international accounts payable and expense perspective.

ProLaw | A Thomson Reuters Business

ProLaw is an industry-leading solution from Thomson Reuters that helps to automate many of the business aspects of running a law firm. ProLaw combines case and matter management as well as time entry, billing and accounting capabilities in a single integrated solution. By being compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Word as well as with Westlaw, ProLaw provides increased efficiency across legal organizations.

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